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Phone Consultation

Initial contact will be via phone conversation with Dr. Alikakos to answer any questions you may have and help you determine if her services are right for you. If for any reason Dr. Alikakos feels that you would be better served by one of her colleagues, she will gladly facilitate a referral. 

Medication Management Follow Up

30 minutes

Follow up medication management follow up sessions are scheduled every four weeks to evaluate if the patient is fully responding to the medication regimen and to determine if any changes are required. Any acute stressor that occurred in the pervious month or any stressors anticipated in the upcoming month are discussed and supportive therapy is offered. If medication adjustment/optimization is needed, follow-up sessions are scheduled every one to two weeks to closely monitor for potential adverse reactions and changes in symptoms until the new medication regimen is established. 

Initial Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation

60-90 minutes

This is the first office visit that you will have with Dr. Alikakos during which she will review your full medical psychiatric, psychosocial and family history. The duration of the initial evaluation varies depending on each patient's concerns and history. For child and adolescent evaluations, parents and the patient are seen together and then separately. During this initial meeting Dr. Alikakos works with you to decide if there is a good fit. If she thinks you need a different type of treatment she will refer you to the appropriate resource. 


50 minutes

These sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis and employ and eclectic blend of psychotherapeutic modalities tailored to address current issues and challenges one experiences in every day life. Psychotherapeutic approaches include psychodynamic or insight-oriented therapy, solution-focused therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, relapse prevention therapy, performance therapy and drama therapy. For children play therapy is also implemented. The goal is to leave each session having gained valuable insight into your behavior, feeling supported, feeling lighter and brighter with an optimistic view of the world. For patients that are also treated with medications, follow-up medication management is integrated into these sessions.

Psychopharmacology Second Opinion / One Time Consultation / Psychiatric Pharmacogenomic Testing

60-90 minutes

This in-depth evaluation is specifically for patients who are currently seeing another mental health provider but would like a second opinion regarding their diagnosis, medication regimen or treatment modality. Recommendations are made, however it is up to the primary clinician's discretion if these will  be implemented. for consultations that include psychiatric pharmacogenomic testing, a follow-up appointment is made to review results and to discuss treatment recommendations. 

Walking Psychotherapy

60 minutes

This is a unique and global approach to treatment whereby therapy is provided with the added benefit of natural light, fresh air and outdoor exercise. Your walk and talk session will take place in a peaceful outdoor setting such as Central Park or the High Line. Dr. Alikakos will meet you for a highly therapeutic stroll during which you will be walking side by side, engaging in intensive talk therapy using the same psychotherapeutic techniques employed at the regular office location. 

Telepsychiatry Services

Dr. Alikakos is proud to offer telepsychiatry services statewide in New York. Dr. Alikakos uses a HIPAA compliant video platform for mental health providers to connect with patients.

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